Who We Are

Helen McBride, Hollaback! Belfast Co-Director. Having experienced street harassment from a very young age, Helen was prompted to get involved and bring a Hollaback! to Belfast. Helen holds a Master’s Degree in History and Gender & Women’s Studies. Her academic work focuses on the role of women in post-conflict societies, paying particular attention to grass roots activism. Helen writes for a number of feminist leaning blogs, including Nursing Clio and Take it to the Bridge.

Sharlene McGee, Hollaback! Belfast Co-Director. Sharlene is a  graduate of English literature and Spanish and was first drawn to Hollaback by its belief in the power of storytelling. Valuing one another’s difference to reclaim the silenced experiences from the margins is a continuing battle. We all must be knowable and counted. Writes at Take it to the Bridge.

Jacky Sheridan, Chief Designer. Jacky is a Dubliner based in Belfast where she is currently studying Visual Communication. She loves roller derby, hardcore punk, drawing bears and giving out to people in her free time. She has never suffered fools gladly and doesn’t think anyone else should have to either, hence the reason she got involved in Hollaback! Belfast.

Orlaith Hendron, Volunteer. Orlaith has been a lesbian and feminist activist for almost a decade. Having studied a Politics degree at QUB, Orlaith went on to accept a job with HERe NI as their community development worker. She is currently a voluntary executive board member for the International Lesbian Gay Bisexual Trans Queer Youth and Student Organization (www.iglyo.com). When she’s not being an activist she’s either playing guitar, writing poetry or down the pub with the girls.

Claire Crutchley, Volunteer. Claire is a Belfast-born, short and angry student of Criminology and riotgrrl enthusiast. She enjoys puppies, cosmetics, poetry & loud music. When she isn’t Hollabackin’, she can be found dancing in clubs or listening to punk with her dog.

Eimear Quinn, Volunteer. Eimear is a recent graduate from a Journalism degree.