Category: Verbal

Niamh’s Story

Walking along lower ormeau with my sister, and a man in a white van beeped at us then drove really slowly past us, staring right at us really threateningly the whole time. He looked so angry for some reason. Clearly trying to intimidate us.

Jacky’s Story

I was out for a few casual swalls with a group of girlfriends last Friday night in a bar on the Dublin Road. We were sitting over 2 tables minding our own business when two random drunk men approached by standing weirdly close behind two of us and asked to take a photo with us. … Continued

Lucy’s Story

Was out running got verbally abused because of the paleness of my skin, what he said was obscene, I wanted to punch him, knew I couldn’t win, very frustrated, noone needs to take shite cus of the colour of your sjin [got_back]

New submission from B.

I was walking on the pedestrian path alongside the railway and a teen boy rode past me on a bike and then circled back towards me with his shirt pulled up and his pants pulled down so his dick was showing. He rode past me and then came back and trailed behind me slowly for … Continued

Raissa’s story

I was walking back home on my workout clothes and an old man just stopped me in the middle of the street, he apologized for approaching me (which made me think he was going to say something annoying but not bad) and then proceeded to tell me I should put some clothes on because my … Continued

Clara’s Story – harassment at it’s worst

This afternoon I was leaving the office, which is in the same building as a family planning clinic. A woman who was with a few anti-abortion protesters on the street followed me down the street, badgering me to stop and talk to her. She had obviously assumed that I had come from the family planning … Continued

Slut Shamed

A car full of obnoxious young bros went by as I was walking down the street after work, in the middle of the day, and yelled “dirty slut” at me as they drove past. I stared back at them. Felt violated, humiliated, and angry all at once.

Kirsty’s Story

I was walking down Ann Street along with 2 other friends and suddenly felt someone grab my ass- I didn’t know what to do and after a few seconds by the time I turned around I saw the man walking away in the other direction smirking at me over his shoulder. Not wanting to say … Continued

Lauren’s Story

A couple of months ago I was walking toward Botanic Gardens at about 2pm. From a distance, I could see that there was a group of 3/4 men, either late teens or early twenties sitting on the benches, clearly drinking. This in itself is disturbing enough considering it was a public park, at 2pm, with … Continued

Nieve’s Story

I’m an intern with an organisation near botanic avenue, and a local education institute┬áhave recently commissioned a construction co. to do some work on the houses at the bottom of the street. It was my birthday at the end of August and I left work with a colleague to go for a celebratory lunch. Given … Continued