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Niamh’s Story

Walking along lower ormeau with my sister, and a man in a white van beeped at us then drove really slowly past us, staring right at us really threateningly the whole time. He looked so angry for some reason. Clearly trying to intimidate us.

Slut Shamed

A car full of obnoxious young bros went by as I was walking down the street after work, in the middle of the day, and yelled “dirty slut” at me as they drove past. I stared back at them. Felt violated, humiliated, and angry all at once.

A Word from Hollaback! Belfast on that viral video

Over the last few days, a video of a woman, Shoshana B. Roberts, being harassed over 100 times in 10 hours while walking through Lower Manhattan has been getting a huge amount of attention. This video was produced in collaboration between Rob Bliss Creative and Hollaback headquarters in New York. Hollaback’s presence in Ireland, North … Continued

New submission from Kathy

First thing in the morning – walk out of where I was staying for a night in Manchester and two guys approached and looked me up and down before one of them and ‘hello lovely’ in a creepy voice Minor but not a good start to the day!

Worrying Story from Student

I was in my students union and I was approached by three guys. One asked ‘will you fuck me?’ whilst the other three pretended I was on camera and the subject of a ‘student union’ prank. I told them to fuck off but they got more insistent and one placed his hand firmly on my shoulder. … Continued

Caz’s Story

a man repeatedly slapped his thigh and said “come here, pup”, referring to me like I was a dog. He was threatening and tense looking. He then approached me, talked very close to my face and patted my shoulders while shouting about how he had a right to be in the street. He was disturbing, … Continued

Be Brave. Be who you are. Be Insolent.

I sat down with Kerilee and Sam from Insolence clothing a few weeks ago. Branded as clothes you can “run about in” & “ladies designing badass clothing for ladies” these women ooze drive and ambition. They both love identifying as Tomboys, which to them means at the very core, not being a pushover, and standing … Continued


Hollaback! Belfast is now happy to report that we are under the Here NI umbrella! This partnership is supporting Hollaback! in countless ways. They give us a space and expertise to operate, think and forge ahead in Northern Ireland. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to grow and work in the community sector.  We would just … Continued

Open Letter to Ian Dempsey 24/04/2013

Monday (22nd April) show’s ‘Great Story in the Papers Today’ segment referred to the Daily Mail article about the Benny Hill-style gang who lean out of car windows to slap the bottoms of women riding bikes. It was presented as a piece of harmless entertainment, to chuckle at those ‘silly men’. This trivialisation of sexual … Continued