Category: Stalking

Niamh’s Story

Walking along lower ormeau with my sister, and a man in a white van beeped at us then drove really slowly past us, staring right at us really threateningly the whole time. He looked so angry for some reason. Clearly trying to intimidate us.

Megan’s Story

I had just got off my bus into Belfast, and when I was walking home I was aware of a group of young men riding bicycles on the footpath towards me. I walked over to the other side of the footpath to avoid them riding into me, but one of the boys decided to go … Continued

New submission from Niamh & Nat

Myself and my partner were walking down Chapel Lane towards Bank Street and a group of drunk men started yelling at us. They thought we were two gay men, and one of the guys started running towards us, shouting after us. Luckily the street was busy, so we walked quickly towards the bar to get … Continued

J’s Story

On Friday 27 September, I was out with a workmate in town and noticed two men following me up the Lisburn Road. When I got to Tates Avenue, I confronted them and asked them to go away and leave me alone. They said they were just looking to walk me home and asked where I … Continued

J’s story

On Tuesday 10 September, I was walking home from a night out with friends in a local club. When I reached the Lisburn Road, a group of lads were standing outside a hostel who started whistling and shouting across the road at me. They shouted “very nice; how much?”, Borat style, but more frightening, they … Continued

Em takes charge!

Walking up town with a mate one evening, a group of lads were walking the opposite way from us and made a comment when passing. When we ignored, they decided to have a little change in direction and began follow us, it was blatantly obvious that they were doing this on purpose. You could tell … Continued

NA’s Story

I was cycling up the Lagan tow path around 5pm on a Sunday evening. It had just started raining, but I decided to continue on up to Lisburn as I hadn’t been up that far before. As I approached the bit where Tullynacross Road intersects the tow path, I saw this guy with a bike … Continued