Category: Homophobic

Jordan’s story

I was standing outside a restaurant having a cigarette waiting for my friends to come outside after our dinner. Someone walking past decided to shout at me “Put that fag out, and you stop smoking”. I was really embarrassed but a lot of people laughed who heard it. [got_back]

New submission from Dave

My friend and I were in a shop on the Ormeau Road last Wednesday, 4 June at around 6-7pm. We had queued to pay for our items when we heard a conversation behind us that a boy and girl (probably in late teens/ early twenties) were having. Neither of us heard the exact details, but … Continued

New submission from Niamh & Nat

Myself and my partner were walking down Chapel Lane towards Bank Street and a group of drunk men started yelling at us. They thought we were two gay men, and one of the guys started running towards us, shouting after us. Luckily the street was busy, so we walked quickly towards the bar to get … Continued

Gemma’s story

I was waiting in line at a shop when the couple behind me had a full blown conversation about whether I was a boy or girl. Felt really shocked. Wish I had said something but was too stunned and ended up just giving them a surprised look – which at least shut them up. [got_back]

Have you got Kay’s back? Yeah, we do!

I was walking home after a night at my friends house. As I was walking down the Lisburn Road there was two men walking towards me. I thought nothing of it but as they got closer one of them walked right up into my face and screamed “DYKE!!!!” in my face. I was really shocked … Continued

Sick of Worrying – Jo’s Story

On Sunday 22nd of September, my wife and I were heading to the pub for a game of pool and a girl was talking to a bouncer. She turned around, stared at my wife and shouted out something like “look at those lesbians across the road,” as if we are sideshow freaks. May seem like … Continued

Coming out at school – A’s Story

I had recently came out to my friends, (i’m still in school, 6th year in secondary school) soon afterwards i was called into our head of year and vice principles office, he told me to take a seat, i did. he simply said ”we heard a report that you are bisexual. this kind of behavior … Continued