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New submission from B.

I was walking on the pedestrian path alongside the railway and a teen boy rode past me on a bike and then circled back towards me with his shirt pulled up and his pants pulled down so his dick was showing. He rode past me and then came back and trailed behind me slowly for … Continued

Kirsty’s Story

I was walking down Ann Street along with 2 other friends and suddenly felt someone grab my ass- I didn’t know what to do and after a few seconds by the time I turned around I saw the man walking away in the other direction smirking at me over his shoulder. Not wanting to say … Continued

Claire’s Story

When I was 13, I was standing waiting to get the train home from school at a busy train station. I noticed a lot of people looking over towards me & all of a sudden, I felt someone’s hand snaking up the back of my skirt. I turned round & a man was grabbing me … Continued