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Teenager tactics

On a lunch break, got yelled at by a bunch of teenage boys, who, when I wouldn’t acknowledge then with anything but a death stare, thought it would be a great change of tactics to repeatedly tell me I was a stupid bitch….cue more death stares from me until they went on

Lauren’s Story

A couple of months ago I was walking toward Botanic Gardens at about 2pm. From a distance, I could see that there was a group of 3/4 men, either late teens or early twenties sitting on the benches, clearly drinking. This in itself is disturbing enough considering it was a public park, at 2pm, with … Continued

Nieve’s Story

I’m an intern with an organisation near botanic avenue, and a local education institute have recently commissioned a construction co. to do some work on the houses at the bottom of the street. It was my birthday at the end of August and I left work with a colleague to go for a celebratory lunch. Given … Continued

Joanne’s story

I was walking home around 8pm from a work event, at which the local sex trade was discussed. A car full of guys rode up beside me and asked ‘here, love, how much do you cost?’. I was too scared and baffled at the irony of the situation to answer. Not that I really could … Continued

Street Harassment and Privilege

The Ontarion – Courtesy Photo Street harassment consists of any comment or action occurring in a public place between strangers that is unwelcome, disrespectful, via Street Harassment and Privilege.

J’s story

On Tuesday 10 September, I was walking home from a night out with friends in a local club. When I reached the Lisburn Road, a group of lads were standing outside a hostel who started whistling and shouting across the road at me. They shouted “very nice; how much?”, Borat style, but more frightening, they … Continued

Shannon Holla’s back!

I was nearly chased by a grown man from a shop on Malone Road after he told me I’d ‘rather rudely’ skipped him in the queue to which I had not and was further backed up by the boy working at the till. I was then called a ‘freak’ by said grown male and having … Continued

Street Harassment is no Laughing Matter

By Eimear Quinn Have you ever encountered harassment on the street? I’m particularly asking if this was doled out by the male species.     Street harassment has always been a popular form of intimidation, especially in the case of large packs of males. It’s become an epidemic.     Before anyone begins to point the all … Continued

The Trivilisation of Sexual Assault on Irish Radio

You know the Benny Hill song – circus-like music from a creepy little show about a creepy little pest who chased women, trying to sexually assault them? Well it was the intro to a ‘great story in the papers today’ which Ian Dempsey chucklingly recounted to his listeners on this morning’s breakfast show.The story was … Continued