Category: Assault

Gemma’s Shopping Experience

I went into Belfast shopping at 6pm two Saturday’s ago . I was walking along after I parked my car and two teenage boys in track suits came very close laughing and then body slammed me into a wall twice . The first time saying “oh sorry haha ” and then they did it for … Continued

New submission from B.

I was walking on the pedestrian path alongside the railway and a teen boy rode past me on a bike and then circled back towards me with his shirt pulled up and his pants pulled down so his dick was showing. He rode past me and then came back and trailed behind me slowly for … Continued

Kirsty’s Story

I was walking down Ann Street along with 2 other friends and suddenly felt someone grab my ass- I didn’t know what to do and after a few seconds by the time I turned around I saw the man walking away in the other direction smirking at me over his shoulder. Not wanting to say … Continued

Niamh’s story

I’m 20 yrs old and I had just left the house to go into the town. On my 2 min walk to the bus stop these two small young boys in secondary school uniforms yelled at me, “alright gorgeous!” I’m a young adult, I have a boyfriend and to be called that by 2 very … Continued

J’s Story

On Friday 27 September, I was out with a workmate in town and noticed two men following me up the Lisburn Road. When I got to Tates Avenue, I confronted them and asked them to go away and leave me alone. They said they were just looking to walk me home and asked where I … Continued

New submission from Ry

I walking to the train station on the 12th July with my earphones in, when I felt a fist on my face, knocking my earphones clean off, was then shoved to the ground and called ”fenian cunt” EVERYONE cheered, not just the ”hard lads” but also families, parents, children and elderly people. [got_back]

Double Whammy Harassment

Lisburn Road Double Whammy……. At 10.40pm I was cycling down the Lisburn Road to meet my friend. When I was near the bottom of the road a car drove past me and the person in the passenger seat threw a banger out the window at the ground in front of me. I could hear idiotic … Continued