Jacky’s Story

I was out for a few casual swalls with a group of girlfriends last Friday night in a bar on the Dublin Road. We were sitting over 2 tables minding our own business when two random drunk men approached by standing weirdly close behind two of us and asked to take a photo with us. We asked why and they just kept insisting on wanting a photo. In the end we said no as we felt uncomfortable. The two men kept hovering over us and insisting on a photo even though we were ignoring them and openly loudly discussing how weird they were until my friend had to start near shouting “no” over and over and they eventually slinked back over to their table where they proceeded to keep trying to get our attention by throwing shit at us and taking pics on the sly. The entitlement of some dipshits thinking they deserve random women’s attention is fucking ridiculous and they can all go suck a very large bag of dicks.