New submission from B.

I was walking on the pedestrian path alongside the railway and a teen boy rode past me on a bike and then circled back towards me with his shirt pulled up and his pants pulled down so his dick was showing. He rode past me and then came back and trailed behind me slowly for a minute or two. I was very frightened but the path is fenced in and has very few places to turn off so I had to keep walking while he followed me. He then rode up and grabbed my ass before riding away very quickly. I’m in my early 30s but it was very upsetting and made me feel sick. I reported this incident to the local police and they did take it seriously, thankfully.

(NOT that it should be relevant but I will point out to anybody who would make stupid comments about ‘asking for it’ that I was wearing a loose, floor-length skirt and a hooded sweatshirt.)