Clara’s Story – harassment at it’s worst

This afternoon I was leaving the office, which is in the same building as a family planning clinic. A woman who was with a few anti-abortion protesters on the street followed me down the street, badgering me to stop and talk to her. She had obviously assumed that I had come from the family planning clinic. I shouldn’t have turned around – but I am a confrontational person and always ready to speak up. I turned to her and she began shouting at me, mostly idiotic lies about abortion facts and recited verses from the scripture. I began to calmly tell her that I didn’t think it was appropriate for her to say this sort of stuff to me, that she had no right to push her religious opinions on to other people and that she was not spreading the Christian message of love and compassion, she was spreading hate and ignorance. However, I was cut short by a tall bearded young man who was holding a HUGE poster with picture of dead foetuses on it. He was quite aggressive and began to shout at me “do you believe I’m a soul!?!” The two of them had me cornered in and were ranting at me. I felt so angry and intimidated. After what seemed a lifetime i squeeze past them and made my way down the street. The man kept shouting after me. I was so shocked and,honestly, I found it really upsetting. When I turned the corner I burst out in tears and have felt so horrible since. I don’t understand these people and how they can be so horrible and I can’t imagine how much worst it must be for women actually attending the clinic for help. I’m so upset and angry!!!