Be Brave. Be who you are. Be Insolent.

I sat down with Kerilee and Sam from Insolence clothing a few weeks ago. Branded as clothes you can “run about in” & “ladies designing badass clothing for ladies” these women ooze drive and ambition. They both love identifying as Tomboys, which to them means at the very core, not being a pushover, and standing up for the right things. While Kerilee and Sam had wanted to do something like this for years, to rectify the lack of tomboy clothing for women in Belfast, it wasn’t until last year, over a cup of coffee that they decided to band together and make it happen.

Sam told me “I like to shop in the boys department, but I don’t feel welcome in those shops.” Insolence aims then to give fellow Tomboys both a place to go to shop as well as inspiration to be who they are. “If you feel like you’re not naturally brave, or you find it harder to stand out, we want this brand to be a network of women standing together, to create a community. We’re creating our own identity. We want to build a network of people who actually give a fuck.”

They had a chance to prove this attitude during a photoshoot. While getting ready to start shooting, a car full of men drove up and shouted homophobic abuse at them. Not willing to stand for any of that, Sam, Kerilee, the models and the photographer all went together – reported it to the police and fought back! Read about the whole incident over on their blog.

Sam and Kerilee have experienced a lot of street harassment over the years, and understand how it can lead to people living their lives quieter. When it came to the homophobic harassment, they proved their worth and now describe it as one of the most positive things that could have happened. It opened up the conversation on homophobia, on harassment and how powerful they felt doing something about it. Kerilee said “We get it now. These women weren’t going to take this… why should I?” Knowing how hard it can be to do anything about harassment when you’re on your own, Sam & Kerilee look at what happened as proof that no matter how you handle harassment – you can always take some power back.

Check out their Q&A video below and their Kickstarter! They are aiming to raise £2000 by June 20th!


– Helen



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