“I just froze I was wondering why would he do that”

On Sunday night/early Monday morning I was walking home from a university library at 2am. At the bottom of Elmwood Avenue a guy was bent over a low wall outside one of the houses, I thought he was being sick so I turned off my ipod. Then I realised he was scraping stuff up off the ground – next thing I knew he grabbed my arm and pulled me towards him.

He threw the stuff at my face which I thought was just muck and leaves and I just froze I was wondering why would he do that. Then he scooped up more and threw it at me again – at this point I felt more hard things in the dirt and I realised it was stones as well as bits of broken glass.

I walked across the road and he pulled my arm back again and was trying to pull on my coat I think he was trying to open it up. I hit him with my file and he stepped back then punched me in my left eye. I ran up to the right hand side corner of Elmwood Avenue where it meets the Lisburn Road and realised he was running behind me. Another guy ran up asking was I okay cause he had heard glass breaking then my attacker ran up Lisburn Road and into Dunluce Avenue. The guy who had heard glass breaking asked was I okay and walked me up the Lisburn Road home.

When I got home I had a swollen left eye socket and scratches along my chest where my coat opens. I rang the police and they came and took a statement and went on to speak to the university security that night. My attacker had short dark blonde hair, medium build and height and looked local – probably around 20-23 years old – could be a fellow student? I just wanted to leave this to let other girls walking home to look out!