J’s Story

On Friday 27 September, I was out with a workmate in town and noticed two men following me up the Lisburn Road. When I got to Tates Avenue, I confronted them and asked them to go away and leave me alone. They said they were just looking to walk me home and asked where I lived. I insisted that I didn’t want them walking me home and asked them to walk on in front of me.

It took a lot of persistence, but they did walk on. I nipped down Donnybrook Street to try and avoid any more contact and stopped to phone a friend. At this stage, they both came running around the corner and one of them snatched my phone out of my hand, scratching me as they grabbed. I chased them down the street but I was too unfit to keep up with them and eventually lost them.

It sickens me that this type of behaviour is deemed acceptable by some members of the public and I, for one, no longer feel as safe as I once did. These instances seem to be getting more frequent and I’m grateful for this community to share my experience and hopefully make others in the area aware of the type of people who may be lurking locally.