J’s story

On Tuesday 10 September, I was walking home from a night out with friends in a local club. When I reached the Lisburn Road, a group of lads were standing outside a hostel who started whistling and shouting across the road at me. They shouted “very nice; how much?”, Borat style, but more frightening, they shouted “come here ’til I rape ya”.

I’ve had many things shouted at me, on many occasions, but this was without a doubt the most unnerving thing anybody has ever said to me. I kept walking and turned around a little way up the road to see two of them had started following me. At this stage, I panicked so I took to the smaller streets on the Lisburn Road and pretty much ran home.

It’s horrible that people think they have the right to shout things like that at others and start following them late at night. Despite having a great time with my friends, my night was well and truly ruined thanks to this experience.