Em takes charge!

Walking up town with a mate one evening, a group of lads were walking the opposite way from us and made a comment when passing. When we ignored, they decided to have a little change in direction and began follow us, it was blatantly obvious that they were doing this on purpose. You could tell by the laughing, the sniggering, the nudging each other and the odd “well pet” coming from them. F***ing children!!!

We got pissed off pretty quickly, so I turned around and said, quite calmly, “do you mind walking ahead of us please, we feel a bit uncomfortable”. Which they did, and we thought ok, maybe they’ll leave us alone now. Which they didn’t.

They disappeared down a wee alley and waited until we walked past. They they came out and began following us and doing the same immature bulls**t they were doing before!

We’d had enough by this point and said “excuse me, but can you please just piss off!!”. It was a good half an hour of our night that was messed with, all because those wee brutes had no damn manners or courtesy.