“You guys can’t let a woman walk past without shouting at her” – Orlaith’s story

I was reluctantly going into the office one Saturday morning and as i walked from where i parked my car on Donegal Street some workmen were up on scaffolding near a local restaurant.

A young woman who was dressed in sports gear and looked like she may have been at the gym was walking on the opposite side of the street when the three men on the scaffolding started shouting at her things i couldn’t quite make out as i wasn’t close enough, she began to almost run past them as they kept shouting after her and by the time i got to their scaffold they were still shouting things at her: “here love, c’mon over her” etc.

As i approached and walked past the scaffolding I was raging and one of the men tipped his hat at me and said “alright love” and i turned and said “not really, actually…you guys can’t let a woman walk past without shouting at her and harassing her, very big of you’s…well done, mate! What’s wrong with yous”.

They immediately started shouting stuff at me like “who the f*ck are you, anyway, f*ck off will ya”…”look at me i’m a big Dyke” and “fucking lesbian, f*ck away aff”. I shouted back that they were a bunch of assholes and told them to wise the fu*k up and walked on.

The End